Monetary Policy & Financial Stability

This research area is focused on monetary policy issues and the design of sustainable financial architectures. Based on the lessons learned from recent financial crises, and due to the deep integration of international financial markets, a stable financial system is of pivotal importance for the global economy. Therefore, the research area “Monetary Policy and Financial Markets” deals with a variety of issues such as systemic risks, financial markets regulation, banking regulation/supervision and monetary policy design.

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Prof. Dr. Rainer Klump
Prof. Dr. Rainer KlumpDirector

Current research topics:

  • Monetary Policy
  • Financial Markets Regulation
  • Banking Regulation
  • Banking Supervision
  • Systemic Risk
  • Financial Market Infrastructures
  • Alternative Investments
  • Shadow Banking
  • Asset Bubbles

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Prof. Dr. Volker Brühl
Prof. Dr. Volker BrühlManaging Director