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Dr. Thomas F. Huertas

Dr. Thomas F. Huertas is non-executive director, advisor and expert in financial services at Barclays Bank Ireland.

Previously, he was Financial Services Risk Advisory Partner in the London Office of Ernst & Young and head of its global regulatory network, and before, Director, Banking Sector at the Financial Services Authority (UK) and also Alternate Chairperson of the European Banking Authority (EBA). He is also a member of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and a Member of the Financial Stability Board’s Steering Group on Resolution. Prior to joining the FSA in 2004, Dr. Huertas held a number of senior positions in Citigroup, including Chairman and CEO of Citibank Germany AG and Country Corporate Officer for Switzerland. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago.

Dr. Huertas has published extensively on banking issues.

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